Service Then and Now: Two Generations of Sysmex Service Techs Explain

With a 22-year gap between the start of their service careers, Pete and Dan Tregarthen have a full-circle service story. 

Dan, a Field Service Technician, grew up watching his father, Pete, then a Field Service Engineer, install the same machines that he now repairs. And thanks to the help of AI tools that provide access to tribal knowledge, Pete and his team are empowering a future generation of technicians like Dan.

Pete and Dan will share their lessons learned in two generations of service, including:

    • How changes in field service over the years (from technology to training) have transformed the way service engineers operate in the field
    • Which methods are most effective for recruiting younger service techs, especially those with little-to-no engineering experience
    • Tips for incoming service techs, including pointers for career advancement and best practices for downloading the knowledge of fellow engineers
    • What leaders need to know about the joys, challenges, and areas of improvement in the service industry



Pete Tregarthen
Customer Care Systems Associate Director,
Sysmex America, Inc.

Dan Tregarthen
Field Service Technician,
Sysmex America, Inc.

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