How to Attract and Retain Service Employees, According to a Service CEO

The skilled labor shortage, along with high turnover and retirement rates, have culminated to create big gaps in service teams of all sizes. Josh Zolin, CEO of Windy City Equipment Services and author of “Blue is the New White,” offers advice on how to make service more attractive to a wider range of candidates — and ultimately deliver exceptional customer experiences. He’ll share what he’s learned from more than a decade running a successful service organization, including:

  • How to find candidates from a more diverse hiring pool
  • Ways differentiate your service organization and make it attractive to today's recruits
  • Methods demonstrate the link between what service techs do day-to-day and larger customer and societal benefits
  • Why you need to create long-term success paths for those in and out of the field


Josh Zolin
Windy City Equipment Services

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