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Learn the steps service leaders are taking on their journey of (re)building and sustaining extraordinary service teams, and how they are addressing workforce challenges, including:

  • How to overcome common hiring challenges in a tight labor market.
  • Tips to attract top talent. Hint—you’ll need to look outside the usual candidate pool.
  • Technology to advance workforce training and reduce the skills gap.
  • Best practices to avoid high service employee churn, and how to reduce business impact when they do


Pete Tregarthen
Customer Care Systems Associate Director,
Sysmex America, Inc.

Dan Tregarthen
Field Service Technician,
Sysmex America, Inc.

Service Then and Now: Two Generations of Sysmex Service Techs Explain

With a 22-year gap between the start of their service careers, Pete and Dan Tregarthen have a full-circle service story. 

Dan, a Field Service Technician, grew up watching his father, Pete, then a Field Service Engineer, install the same machines that he now repairs. And thanks to the help of AI tools that provide access to tribal knowledge, Pete and his team are empowering a future generation of technicians like Dan.

Pete and Dan will share their lessons learned in two generations of service, including:

  • How changes in field service over the years (from technology to training) have transformed the way service engineers operate in the field
  • Which methods are most effective for recruiting younger service techs, especially those with little-to-no engineering experience
  • Tips for incoming service techs, including pointers for career advancement and best practices for downloading the knowledge of fellow engineers
  • What leaders need to know about the joys, challenges, and areas of improvement in the service industry


Keynote speaker: Josh Zolin
How to Attract and Retain Service Employees, According to a Service CEO

The skilled labor shortage, along with high turnover and retirement rates, have culminated to create big gaps in service teams of all sizes. Josh Zolin, CEO of Windy City Equipment Services and author of “Blue is the New White,” offers advice on how to make service more attractive to a wider range of candidates — and ultimately deliver exceptional customer experiences. He’ll share what he’s learned from more than a decade running a successful service organization, including:

  • How to find candidates from a more diverse hiring pool
  • Ways differentiate your service organization and make it attractive to today's recruits
  • Methods demonstrate the link between what service techs do day-to-day and larger customer and societal benefits
  • Why you need to create long-term success paths for those in and out of the field



Roy Dockery
VP of Field Operations,
Flock Safety



Linda Tucci
Senior Global Director, Technical Solutions Center,
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics


Michael Spada
Senior Manager, Operations & Strategy,

How to Adapt Hiring and Training for Today's Service Challenges - A Roundtable of Best Practices

Want to grow a successful team in today’s competitive market? First, throw out your old hiring playbook. Join our roundtable of service leaders who detail what changes they are making to boost the workforce long term. Hear how they are:

  • Shifting hiring practices
  • Creating more engaging and tech-enabled training
  • Formalizing mentoring programs
  • Prioritizing diversity and inclusion as a growth tool
  • Creating clear career paths for new recruits



Sidney Lara
Service Principal,

Get an Analysis of Workforce Performance, Customer Risk, & Product Trends - A Service Insights Demo

Make better, data-backed decisions that improve overall service delivery. Learn how Service Insights will help your organization do the following:

  • Predict service and customer needs with proactive answers to key business questions
  • Discover organizational truths via service data that is translated into clear themes and easy-to-understand stories about your business
  • Surface new opportunities or create data-driven plans



Sara Cerruti
Senior Director, Global Customer Transformation,

Sumair Dutta
Industry Analyst and Senior Director, Global Customer Transformation,

The Real Impact of Technicians Leaving

According to the annual Chief Service Officers Report published by ServiceMax’s Global Customer Transformation team, technician attrition continues to be a major concern facing service and business leaders. While knowledge loss around service work procedures is part of the worry, there are a slew of other challenges that are concerning service leaders. Some of these might prevent or delay the future of outcome-based services or as-a-service business models.

Join Sara Cerruti and Sumair Dutta from ServiceMax as they share findings from their recently published CSO report and discuss how service leaders are taking action to support the future of their service operations.



Gyner Ozgul
President and Chief Operating Officer,
Smart Care Equipment Solutions


How to Advance in a Service Leadership Role

What does it take to progress from a service manager or director to an executive role? Gyner Ozgul, Chief Operating Officer for Smart Care Equipment Solutions, describes his journey across more than 25 years in various service roles. Join the Q+A session if you’d like to carve out a long-term career path in the growing field of service delivery, operations, or customer care.