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In just 7 days, we'll quantify the potential cost savings of improving your service case resolution rates at every stage of the service lifecycle.

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You provide your service data and we will uncover top symptoms and associated solutions from free text to generate key performance insights about your business.

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Your organization’s top ROI opportunities from using Service Intelligence


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We'll present your organization's top ROI opportunities from reducing inbound calls, truck rolls, and return visits.

Data Insights

Uncover top symptoms and associated solutions from free text, as well as key performance insights about your business


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Demo triage and troubleshooting tools designed for your end-users, customer service reps, and field service technicians.

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"With the 7-Day Challenge, Aquant showed us some really interesting Easter eggs in our data. It  impressed our experts with the way it simplified our data complexities to give us more tangible insights to help us understand the tool's potential impact."

Customer Care | Medical Device Service Organization

7 Day Challenge Timeline

Identify Potential Areas for Service Improvement Through Data

Aquant analyzes work order data using proprietary AI and SLP (Service Language Processing) technology to identify correlations between reported problems/issues (symptoms) and the fixes applied (solutions).

Our engine analyzes the free text data created when a case is opened in addition to the free text entered by the technician working on the service order to identify correlations.

Asset, Customer, Technician, and Parts information allow Aquant to analyze all aspects of the work performed within these correlations to identify areas for improvement and/or cost reduction.

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