2022 Service Benchmark Report Medical Device Service Teams 3D Cover


Measure What Matters:
The 2022 Service Benchmark Report for Medical Device Service Teams 

Today’s medical device service is not in line with customer expectations.

Do you want to provide exceptional service, even amid industry challenges like the current talent shortage? The 2022 Medical Device Service Benchmark Report provides insights into where organizations are excelling, and where they are falling short. The biggest takeaway: service organizations are looking at KPIs in a silo, and that leads to subpar customer experiences.

An analysis across more than 26 medical device organizations, 1.6 million work orders, and 8,000 technicians revealed key insights into every aspect of service performance. Grab your copy of the report to:

  • Discover how med device service organizations and their workforce measure up against industry benchmarks
  • Learn why hitting your KPIs rarely equates to outstanding customer experiences
  • Understand the spiraling negative impact of a missed First Time Fix (FTF) event
  • See how a workforce shortage has exacerbated the skills gap

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